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The STREAM project would not have been possible without the assistance of the project's highly dedicated expert partners.
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National Offender Management Service

NOMS is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, UK, bringing together the headquarters of the Probation Service and HM Prison Service to enable more effective delivery of services. The two bodies remain distinct but have a strong unity of purpose – to protect the public and reduce re-offending. Prison and probation services ensure the sentences of the courts are properly carried out and work with offenders to tackle the causes of their offending behaviour.
NOMS is responsible for commissioning and delivering adult offender management services, in custody and in the community, in England and Wales. It manages a mixed economy of providers. Decisions on what work is to be done and who it will be done by are based on evidence and driven by best value.

Romanian National Probation Directorate

The aim of the Romanian National Probation Directorate is to reduce the level of crime in the community and increase public safety by the effective management of offenders in the community, challenging offending behaviour and facilitating the integration of offenders. The Directorate operates in the form of 42 probation services. 41 in the counties of Romania and 1 in Bucharest, for administration purposes there are 7 Operational probation regions. Probation services were first established in 1997 and during 2013-2014 the services were reorganised into the current directorate.

Department of Probation and Parole Ministry for Home Affairs

Probation in Malta has been in operation since 1961 following the implementation of the Probation Act in 1957. Since then probation in Malta has undergone various changes. In 1994 the Probation Services Action Team was created. A structure in order to sustain this new service was then introduced in 1998, which included the Department’s incorporation within the Department of Correctional Services.  Through the years the Department of Probation and Parole has expanded its services to now include the functions and responsibilities as regulated by the Probation Act (Cap. 446, Laws of Malta) and the Restorative Justice Act (Cap. 516, Laws of Malta).

Foundation for Social Welfare Services

The Maltese Foundation for Social Welfare Services was established on the 24th March 1998, following authorisation by the Prime Minister on 27th February 1998, with responsibility for social services. The mission statement for the FSWS is: “By providing quality and timely service and support, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services empowers and helps to develop individuals to become responsible, integrated and productive members of society who value life as a resource for self actualisation”
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De Montfort University

De Montfort University (DMU) is a dynamic institution with a long and vibrant history of improving people’s lives through education. Originally founded as the Leicester School of Art in 1870, the university has evolved through many incarnations including the Leicester Colleges of Art and Technology and Leicester Polytechnic.
Leicester Polytechnic officially became De Montfort University on 26 June 1992. The name was chosen to reflect the University’s long association with Leicester by commemorating the celebrated Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, a crucial figure in medieval history who established the first parliament in 1265.

The Association of Schools of Social Work in Romania

The Association of Schools of Social Work in Romania (ASSW-Romania) is an NGO established in 2010 by academics from the top four Social Work Departments in Romania: University of Bucharest, University Babeş-Bolyai of Cluj, University Al.I.Cuza of Iaşi and West University of Timişoara.
ASSW-Romania aims at promoting and developing the education and research in the field of social work, both at national and international levels.

The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield developed from three local institutions: the Sheffield School of Medicine, Firth College and the Sheffield Technical School. The School of Medicine, founded 1828, was by far the oldest. Its early history was very insecure and it was saved from collapse by the opening of Firth College, which took over the teaching of all basic science subjects to medical students.
Firth College was one of a group of university colleges founded in the later 19th century. It developed out of the Cambridge University Extension Movement, a scheme designed to bring university teaching to the large towns and cities of England, most of which lacked any university provision. The success of these courses in Sheffield led Mark Firth, a local steel manufacturer, to establish the College in 1879 as a centre for teaching Arts and Science subjects.

Confederation of European Probation

CEP is the European Organisation for Probation. It aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures such as probation, community service, mediation and conciliation. CEP is committed to enhance the profile of probation and to improve professionalism in this field, on a national and a European level.

San Patrignano

For over 30 years, San Patrignano has welcomed young men and women with serious problems linked to drug addiction completely free of charge, without requesting any kind of contribution from their families and without state funding. No kind of ideological or social discrimination is adopted with regard to admitting residents. The community is currently home to about 1,300 young men and women.

Ubique Partnerships Limited

Ubique Partnerships Limited provides quality information, advice and employability services to offenders. We undertake comprehensive assessments of education and employment needs and deliver guidance as part of the National Careers Service. We will support people with criminal records and others in preparing their CV, filling in job applications, preparation for interviews and help with presentation skills. We provide additional support for women offenders through a dedicated Skills and Employment adviser.